Blue Ocean Equities

Meet the Team

Eli Cohen

Eli Cohen

Managing Partner
  • For more than 20 years, Mr. Cohen has been actively involved in commercial real estate acquisitions. Specializing in repositioning properties to their highest and best uses.

  • Cohen has experience negotiating land entitlements for the purpose of selling at market value at completion as well as ground up developments with strategic partners.

  • For the last two years Mr. Cohen has also completed more than $150,000,000 in multiple asset classed including hospitality and multifamily apartment communities.

  • He is a licensed Real Estate Broker providing financing for residential and commercial properties in the state of California.

Shlomi Simantov

Managing Partner
  • Simantov is a successful business operator and entrepreneur.

  • He has over 18 years of investing experience including commercial and residential properties and specializes in value added projects.

  • Simantov’s real estate investing background has included both property in California and Florida markets.

  • Additionally, he has owned and operated assisted living facilities.

  • Simantov investments have always considered strategic locations to maximize the best land use, and maximum profit potential.

Daniel Sadeh

Managing Partner
  • Daniel Sadeh develops, sources, structures, and participates in conversions and direct investments since 1995.

  • He has a vast international portfolio, that runs across a variety of sectors including residential, commercial, and industrial.

  • Daniel founded several successful investment and real estate companies and is currently a part of several of their board of directors.

  • Throughout the years, he became an investment and real estate business consultant, training many executives from all over the world.
Karin Gafter

Karin Gafter

Investment Relations Manager
  • Karin Gafter is our Investment Relations Manager at Blue Ocean Equities.

  • Karin leads the procedural execution of all transactions, overseeing, compliance and funding mechanisms.

  • In addition to managing the accounting resources function in the company.

  • With nearly 15 years of experience In executive business management, Karin is bringing a diverse established experience In strategic corporate operations, regulatory compliance and resource management.

  • Prior to joining Blue Ocean Equities, Karin served in various senior management roles in the construction, accounting, and services industries.
Paul Architect


  • Paul brings 33 years of Architectural and Engineering experience.

  • His academic background from California State University Fresno includes graduate studies in Urban and Regional Planning and Civil Engineering.

  • Paul started his own Architectural firm with experience in designing a variety of educational, commercial, medical, municipal, industrial, and residential mixed use, and recently working with hotel conversions to multi-unit housing.

  • In addition to architecture and planning Paul works with sustainability and LEED certification bringing outstanding results to our projects.
Jovani contractor


  • Jovani has over 17 years in the construction industry.

  • Early 2012 Jovani started and has grown his construction company to one of the larger companies serving Bakersfield, Kern and Los Angeles Counties.

  • As a commercial contractor Jovani has performed many critical trades in house specializing in hotel renovations.

  • He has extensive knowledge in HVAC, plumbing, structural, and all other components of a complete building assembly.