Blue Ocean Equities

Combining the flexibility and efficiency of traditional housing units with all the upside of hotel living.

Converted hotels, Furnished or unfurnished. Efficient housing units with various amenities like onsite gym, lounges, WiFi and more.

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A New Way of Thinking

Blue Ocean is the solution to America's problem with housing affordability through adaptive reuse

Blue Ocean Equites is a Private real estate investment firm that specializes in converting hotels to efficiency housing units which allows tenants to have an opportunity to live in affordable, clean housing units.

What Blue Ocean Equities stands for

Blue Ocean Equities, LLC (“BOE”) was formed to consolidate and expand a proprietary affordable housing business. BOE believes the demand for affordable housing is strong and continues to grow as a significant segment of the United States population is below the median income threshold for household needs. The company will use its experience in adaptive reuse real estate development to acquire and reposition properties at well below replacement cost of competing properties. BOE’s principals have experience working with a multitude of City, County, and local agencies that stand read to support future projects and have tenants ready to occupy residential units upon completion.