Blue Ocean Equities

Our Philosophy

The company’s philosophy is based on delivering products and services that create safe and stable environments for underserved communities. BOE provides the members of each of its projects a higher level of management expertise while working hand-in-hand with City and County agencies dedicated to serving the needs of those who need this type of housing most. The company is focused on acquiring properties suited best to providing affordable housing, including existing apartment buildings, as well as extended stay communities, hotels and motels that may be converted to multi-family communities during the hold period.

The Company prides itself on being a cutting-edge business with a global vision that is operated in a family enterprise setting. BOE’s management team originated the unique concept that underlies its approach to reinventing the affordable housing marketplace. Each of BOE’s principals’ experience in real estate is extensive, including “hands-on” work as developers, principals, investors, and operators.

The problem we are trying to solve

Rent escalation

Escalating Rent

Renters are enduring regular price hikes when it comes to housing as a result of high demand in most urban areas around the United States.

Hotels Excess

Construction of new hotels without any matching demand results in an excess of hotel buildings in most cities around the United States.


Traffic and Sprawling

More traffic and sprawl becomes a reality as many renters are forced to commute more to other parts of urban areas for daily needs.

Our solution


Conversion of Hotels to Apartments

Converting hotels that are in low demand to apartment living units which are both come furnished and traditional amenities that most hotels come with.  

Affordable Housing Creation

Better market rate pricing for unit rentals while still offering amenities normally found in high end apartment properties.

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

Traffic and travel are reduced as a result of closer living arrangements to work places, entertainment, and more which contributes to the reduction of carbon footprint.